P&R Dental Strategies Inc.

Professional Claim Review

P&R Dental Strategies is the recognized market leader in dental claim review and offers professional review services in all of your claim volume, or in part, just to support your Home State Licensure requirements.

P&R's Exceptional Qualifications

For more than 20 years, P&R has worked to perfect and streamline dental claim reviews for our clients. We've gained the trust of national insurance companies, third party administrators (TPAs), self-administered corporations and unions. P&R has earned a reputation for reliability and accuracy and has made cost containment its core mission.

We have more than 40 P&R accredited dental consultants on staff to expertly analyze your claim reviews and to lighten your administrative load with the greatest possible efficiency and accuracy.

Cost Containment

P&R Dental Strategies is recognized for consistently outperforming anticipated returns on investment. Some clients who utilize our professional claim review services report an excellent ROI. P&R provides these types of results while maintaining a low reconsideration rate. P&R has designed an industry specific system to optimize efficiency. Our proprietary tools help P&R accredited dental consultants put the best practices to work for your organization.

P&R Accredited Consultants

Not every dentist who wants to review claims is capable of doing so. P&R's quality assurance program for selecting, training and monitoring consultants is a continuously dynamic process that ensures the highest quality clinical input from the right consultants. From the in-house credentialing process, to the six-month training program, P&R's consultants are well prepared once it becomes time to review payer claims.

The education process doesn't end with the initial training. P&R's Dental Director is constantly reviewing real time reports on the quality and consistency of our consultant reviews. Retraining is a requirement even for the most senior consultants. P&R Accredited Consultants give payers peace of mind that the claim review was completed accurately and quickly.


Legal compliance is a bothersome fact of life for everyone in the dental claims industry. Yet tracking each state's requirements and then investing in systems to maintain that compliance can be costly. The other alternative, non-compliance, is costly as well. Dental payers who don't comply with state laws face stiff penalties.

P&R's staff is expert on state laws and makes it a priority to track them constantly. P&R offers a turnkey solution for dental claims compliance to give payers peace of mind. P&R Dental Strategies' in-house compliance officer makes sure that all consultants are aware of changes to state laws and TAT requirements. Since enforcement is on the rise, staying up to date in order to avoid steep fines is critical to a payers' success.